Hertha Heart - Cult toy for dogs

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Hertha Heart - Cult toy for dogs Robust dog toy made of tooth-caring cotton rope This is... more

Hertha Heart - Cult toy for dogs

Robust dog toy made of tooth-caring cotton rope

This is Hertha, a beautiful Heart... just great! Whether throwing, retrieving or chewing games - the pretty Hertha solves every case and plays her way into the hearts of her four-legged fans with ease.

Like all LABONI TOYS, Hertha is hand-knotted from pure cotton, tested by TÜV Süd in accordance with the children's toy guideline and machine washable at 30 °C. A great side effect is the tooth-cleaning effect of the cotton fibres, which is why Hertha Heart is not only decorative, but also offers your four-legged friend real added value and promises healthy playtime fun. You and your pelt-nose won't want to miss this high-quality toy from LABONI!


Health promoting & safe

  • for chewing, throwing and retrieving games
  • cleans the teeth in a playful way
  • satisfies the need to chew
  • made of pure cotton, dyed with natural colours

Manufacture instead of mass production

  • robustly manufactured in complex manual work
  • the TOYS are not indestructible, but made to be chewed

Easy to clean & hygienic

  • washable at 30 degrees

Tested quality & award winning design

  • TÜV Süd tested playing pleasure
  • IDA International Design Awards Winner
  • sustainable & recyclable


  • Size: 15x15x3 cm
  • Material: pure cotton dyed with natural colours
  • Care instructions: machine washable at 30°C

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