This is us

Our philosophy: Pure joy for dog and owner

LABONI products should make the world of dogs and owners practically better and sensually more beautiful.
We believe that there must always be a good reason for a new product. Products must have sense and benefit. They must be aesthetic and meet the different, changing tastes and needs. Only if they combine all this, products can enrich the life of dog and owner and give pleasure in daily use again and again.

Therefore LABONI stands for:

  • High functionality through sensible and well thought-out design
  • First-class quality through the use of high-quality and innovative materials
  • Durability through elaborate workmanship and perfect craftsmanship
  • Sophisticated design for timelessly beautiful products

Our history

A personal mission...
In the beginning there was the idea to offer high-quality and aesthetically sophisticated products for dogs and owners and to create an alternative to the monotony of monotonous colors and always the same shapes and materials. After a long search and many discussions with manufacturers and customers, however, we had to admit that hardly any of the products met our requirements. After all, a beautiful design is of no use if functionality or even quality are disregarded - and it's frightening when horrendous prices are charged. So we decided without further ado to "simply" take everything into our own hands.

The beginning of an exciting journey...
We knew what we wanted to do differently, what we wanted to do better - only the best of the best. So we set out to find first-class materials, innovative raw materials and, above all, suitable partners. We packed up our exploration equipment, booked a ticket to the moon and signed up with a dating agency - uh no, not quite. That would have taken a bit too long. Thanks to the Internet, various visits to trade fairs and exciting trips to various companies in Germany and abroad, we found what we were looking for. It was a constant up and down and there were several prototypes, which we either discarded completely or continuously improved.

We are proud that we could develop for you an exclusive assortment of beautiful things of the very highest quality, functionality, workmanship and design.