Material & Care

The materials used to create our collections come from all corners of the globe, and continuously we are on the lookout for the best raw materials and new innovations. From the selection of the finest upholstery materials, premium teak from Indonesia, to high quality soapstone and innovative foams, each component comes in the highest quality from the leading suppliers: the result is unique products that endure for those who demand the best.

The right frame

Synthetic fiber wicker

The quality of furniture made of synthetic fiber wicker is determined on the one hand by the fiber used and on the other hand by the weave. High quality furniture made of polyrattan comes mainly from traditional Indonesian weaving factories, where elaborate techniques have been mastered for centuries - that is why we also have our products manufactured in Indonesia. The fibers we use are made of highly compressed plastic. They are UV-resistant, frost- and heat-resistant, and fully recyclable. But the special feature of the flexible materials is not only their durability, ease of care and weather resistance, but also the variety of colors and structures as well as the unique feel in which they are available.

Aluminum base

An important component of our dog furniture is the base structure, the frame onto which the fibers are woven. The hand-welded frames are made of special aluminum alloys that are powder-coated with a modern finish that matches the weave in each case to improve the look and feel, as well as to make maintenance easier. The multiple struts inside the frame give the furniture high stability and low weight at the same time.


Mahogany is one of the most sought-after and valuable natural woods in the world. Due to its technical properties and decorative appearance, it is a popular material in the production of luxury objects. The mahogany wood we use comes from sustainably managed and controlled plantations in Indonesia.


In addition to its lightness and stability, aluminum also features excellent weather resistance, making the metal ideal for indoor and outdoor use. We've given our aluminum frames a durable powder coat finish to enhance their look and feel, as well as make them easier to maintain.

Now it's time for the wash


LABONI relies exclusively on permanently color-fast materials from experienced manufacturers. The branded fabrics convince with exceptional design and excellent material properties, are extremely hard-wearing, durable, easy to care for in use and at the same time pleasant and flattering to the touch. All covers are dirt and water repellent and easy to remove thanks to the zipper.

This is the "ONE"

Stamskin One is an innovative new product and a high-quality alternative to artificial leather. A groundbreaking process based on Swiss Made technology combines unique technical properties with an incomparable soft-touch effect and design sophistication. Stamskin One is particularly hard-wearing and easy to clean. The surface is water and dirt repellent and also breathable. At the same time, the high-quality material has a pleasantly cool effect, especially in summer, as heat is only stored to a small extent. Our covers made of Stamskin One thus provide excellent comfort and meet the highest demands both indoors and outdoors.

The inner values count

The mattress is the most important element of a bed and a prerequisite for healthy and restful sleep - this applies equally to two and four-legged friends. LABONI offers different mattress systems that set standards in terms of comfort and functionality.

LABONI FUSION - Sleeping comfort redefined

LABONI Fusion mattresses are aimed at every owner for whom healthy sleep for their four-legged friend is particularly important. The intelligent mattress system convinces with newly developed materials: highly elastic SleepTech gel is combined with a cold foam base for ultimate sleeping comfort. This innovative material fusion ensures perfect pressure relief, optimal body support and high breathability. Our cold foams are tested for harmful substances by the LGA and comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class 1 and would therefore even be suitable for babies.

The volume weight is the designation for the quality and durability (lie-through) of foams and influences the price of mattresses. As a proven rule of thumb, the higher the volume weight, the more durable and stable the material, the higher the point elasticity and thus the lying comfort. A volume weight that is too low promotes unpleasant hollowing or sagging of the mattress. We use cold foam with a volume weight of 45 for our LABONI FUSION mattresses up to and including size M and a volume weight of 50 from size L onwards, thus guaranteeing top quality for high demands.

LABONI PERFORMANCE - Highest comfort - Indoor, Outdoor & On the road

LABONI PERFORMANCE mattresses are made of original URECEL QuickDry Foam®, an advanced high-performance foam whose open-pored structure ensures maximum air circulation and offers the highest moisture management. The high-quality material is extremely dimensionally stable, adapts to body shape and weight and thus offers comfortable lying for the dog. The antibacterial finish protects the mattresses from bacterial, mold and fungal attack. As a result, they offer comprehensive hygiene protection and long-lasting freshness for a hygienic sense of well-being. A clever bonus: LABONI PERFORMANCE mattresses can simply be rinsed off in the shower or with a garden hose, making them easier to clean than any other mattress ever before.


With our natural latex mattresses, you choose a cozy place to sleep that also offers added health value for your four-legged friend. The so-called Talalay foaming process is considered the most expensive variant, but at the same time also the highest quality to produce latex. The advantages of this complex latex production are obvious. Talalay latex is much softer than Dunlop latex due to the more even distribution of the air bubbles, so that a particularly high point elasticity can be achieved. If the Talalay process is used for the production of 100% natural latex mattresses, then this results in incomparable sleeping comfort. Due to the particularly high point elasticity, the material yields in stressed areas and immediately returns to its original position after stress. Talalay latex is particularly dimensionally stable and durable. Above all, the open-pored cell structure ensures that air is pumped into the mattress core and can circulate when turning and tossing. Talalay latex mattresses made of 100% natural rubber not only give body-friendly sleep, they are particularly suitable for demanding sleepers who value a natural and ecologically compatible night's rest.