LABONI FRAGRANCE - Noble room fragrance set for trial price

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LABONI FRAGRANCE - Noble room fragrance set for trial price Set of noble room fragrances... more

LABONI FRAGRANCE - Noble room fragrance set for trial price

Set of noble room fragrances for aromatherapy and odor neutralization

The innovative room and textile spray from LABONI neutralizes odors with immediate effect while the valuable aroma oils verWidthn a pleasant scent and pamper the senses of humans and animals. For up to 1000 sprays of fragrance enjoyment with long-lasting neutralizing effect.

With the fragrance therapy series from LABONI, you can expect an exclusive sensory experience that will enchant your living spaces - and delight you, your four-legged friend and your guests. The innovative spray eliminates unpleasant odors with immediate effect without masking them and works for animals, kitchen odors, musty car and much more. At the same time, the natural aromas spread a pleasant scent and provide a pleasant and soothing atmosphere for people and animals.

The sensual fragrance "Walk in the Hills of Tuscany" is reminiscent of the intense colours of the Mediterranean and exudes Italian flair with the cheerful aromas of bitter orange, fresh bergamot, cardamom and fine sandalwood. Light, elegant and summery, "Walk in the Hills of Tuscany" promises joie de vivre, sun and pure happiness. Take a sniff at LABONI and spoil yourself with Italian Dolce Vita! Odour notes: Top note: bitter orange, heart note: bergamot & cardamom, base note: sandalwood

Walk at the Seaside" blends fresh accents of tangy bergamot with the spring-like scent of mimosa, a hint of coriander and the aromatic warmth of amber and sandalwood notes. The unobtrusive scent of LABONI balances perfectly between soft and spicy aromas and spreads lively energy and liveliness. Enjoy the refreshing liveliness of a day at the sea with "Walk at the Seaside" and dive into relaxed well-being. Odour notes: Top note: coriander, heart note: bergamot and mimosa Base note: ambergris, sandalwood


Healthy & safe

  • contains valuable natural essences
  • spreads a pleasant fragrance
  • calms humans and animals

Neutralises unpleasant odours immediately

  • suitable against animal, kitchen, car, WC odours and many more
  • for baskets, sofa, car, clothing
  • applicable in all rooms and on all surfaces

Practical, effective & very productive

  • for up to 1000 sprays of fragrance pleasure
  • with long-lasting neutralizing effect
  • decorative glass flacon in practical 100 ml format

Tested quality

  • Made in Italy
  • without alcohol
  • without silicones, parabens and mineral oil


  • Size: Mix
  • Material: Glass flacon, natural aroma oils, no alcohol
  • Care instructions: applicable on all surfaces

Press comments

APPROVED Magazine: Approved are definitely the room fragrances from LABONI. The two fragrances Walk in the Hills of Tuscany and Walk at the Seaside create a relaxed atmosphere for pets and owners by neutralising odours without masking them.

R2M One Rolls-Royce Magazine: When you dive into the wonderful world of LABONI for a while, you want two things. To buy something. And if not already there - a dog.

FEEL GOOD Magazine: Trademarks of the unconventional Swiss creative smithy are functionality, design and maximum comfort paired with an elegant sense of humour and a special feeling for what really brings joy to dog and owner.